Besteer Therapy Mask Pack set of 5, Using 100% organic cotton, Lavender Essential Oil Mask Pack ( DATE 7th/2021)


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If it’s pure… it’s good, but…

Isn’t it thick and lack of adhesion?Crocell material using high-pressure water punching technology provides a transparent feeling of adhesion to the skin .

The essence is full of nutrients thanks to the microfiber honeycomb-shaped micro-cell structure .

The fact that it is evenly delivered and absorbed through the skin!A close-up view of the actual sheet fabric of the therapy mask pack

Because no optical brightener is used, the fabric is slightly beige .

Cotton seeds look like tiny little dots!

The Crocell fabric used in the therapy mask pack is safe to use even for sensitive skin.

It has meticulously passed LOHAS certification, European cotton certification, and Texas American cotton certification !

We considered the environment not only for the mask sheet, but also for the package containing the packs

It is an eco-friendly paper made from sugar cane that has not been bleached or chemically

It is 100% biodegradable and is sugar cane leftover from the sugar production process.

Prevent the destruction of forests due to logging !




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