How To Order

Our company communicates with customers in various ways, including phone, email, and social network messaging. In particular, we are committed to answering product or order questions as soon as possible.

The wholesale price is shown in the detail page of product, You can select the quantity you want and place a order with wholesales prices.

You can place a pre-order for the out-of-stock items. To place a pre-order, please contact our sales representative for assistance.
Price on the invoice reflects the exchange rate on the order date.
MOQ is Minimum Order Quantity per item, it can be checked on the detail page of each product. If you order quantity bigger than our MOQ please send us an email for instant assistance. 
After the order submission, your sales representative will contact you within 24 hours in working day and 24hours ~ 72 hours in weekend or holiday to confirm your order. After confirming the proforma invoice, we will request manufacturer to start packing upon the receipt of your payment.
You may cancel your order or make any changes in your order within 24hours after the submission.
But, you CANNOT cancel or modify anything when the payment is confirmed and manufacturer start packing the order. 
 It normally takes approximately 1 weeks, however, lead time may vary depending on brands. 
You can request new items that are currently not on Topflashsales. Please send us your request via an email / messager for our assistance. However, please note that the requests may not be accepted due to stock availability at our suppliers or other circumstances.

Payment Terms

Price shown on the website fluctuates according to the current currency exchange rates. 
yes, we accept USD and KRW
You may use Bank Transfer, our sales presentatives will contact you for payment information right after receiving your order. 
Yes, we require to make payment for order as below:
– Deposit 80% amount of your order before start packing,
– 20% remaining amount  and shipping fee as well as service fee before shipping.  
Our sales presentatives will contact you for payment information right after receiving your order. 

Shipping & Tracking the Order

It depends on the country where the package is shipped to and what forwarder you will be using. Please contact your direct sales representative for more information.
Confirmed orders must be shipped within 1 weeks. Otherwise, the orders will be cancelled without notice and pre-paid amount will be credited to your account for future purchases.
We use a third party to support shipping products, customers do not need to make the import customs clearance. If we need any support from customers, we will check and inform for co-operation. 
International Funds Transfer may take 1-2 days. Once your payment comes through, we will be able to arrange the date for the shipment. The shipment is normally shipped within 1 week
Our warehouse is located in Republic of Korea, and we ship orders worldwide.

Returns & Refunds

In case of receiving defective goods, please take photos or videos of the items and contact your sales representative immediately. We will review the report and help you proceed with the claim.

If you received faulty products, we will report to the suppliers/manufacturers and help you file a claim.
-Please do not dispose the items until further notice.
-Please take as many photos as possible to expedite the process.
Once you proceed with your payment, it can’t be refunded. It will be posted to your debit note for a future order.

Still Question?

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