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From the download location, double-click on replace.me This single installer works for both bit and bit Windows. Once the. The Kinect for Windows SDK includes the following: Drivers for using Kinect v2 sensors on a computer running Windows 8 (x64), Windows .


[How do I manually update my Kinect sensor drivers?


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Sign up today. Skip to content. Sign Up Login I’m not a dev, just want to use Kinect as a 3d scanner. Is there a Kinect runtime version without the issue, that can be used in windows ?

Is there any kind of solution? I also have this issue with update – kinectservice. Talking with support I came to the conclusion that Kinect’s just broken. But after seeing your thread I started hoping again. So, yeah, thank you! I’ve found this reddit thread on the issue but it’s not really helpful. Apps that try to use it come with either “Some other App is using Camera right now” or “Cannot detect your camera”.

Kinect configuration verifier from SDK seems to shutdown when trying to get frames from image sensor. Mic’s working alright though when kinectservice. Weird thing that it was not instant and first few runs on were just fine.

It’s the day after the update Kinect stopped working. What version does your Windows 10 report? I’m not clear what “today’s windows 10 update” is. My system updated on the 9th, with KB and is now reporting a build of Ok weird, it wasn’t in my apps and features list before, but now it is. I think I might have had 2 versions in SBS. I wonder if that was the issue. As a temp fix you could try to insert something else into the usb port.

Reboot alone didn’t work for me. I inserted an external drive in the USB port where Kinect had been, then safely removed it. Next when inserting Kinect it worked. That seemed to break some hang up error. Not only did it disconnect back and forth, after a while it wasn’t even recognized. This error showed up now after long time of flawless function, however had similar error a few years ago.

Since it’s already been about 2 weeks, what is the anticipated timeline for the fix? Should we all revert back to ? I’ve been having this issue as well. Interestingly enough, I have found that whenever I update the driver for my AMD RX , it sometimes causes the Kinect to “restabilize” if it was doing its disconnect cycle or destabilize if it was going through a period of actually working.

Doubly so considering I have tried setting KinectService. I read what KNNspeed wrote. So I decided to try an installation of an old driver I did a “new installation”. I tested all my apps I use normally and everything worked ok again. Hope this helps some or all of you guys. We have a new release of the Kinect for Windows Runtime that should address the issues being described here.

Please see this thread for details:. I had the same issue. Video would work for a few seconds then freeze. The kinect microphone was disabled. Re-enabling fixed. Running the Kinect Studio v2. Issue: I had disabled the kinect-mic array sensor in the sound control panel in “Manage Sound Devices”.

Solution: Re-enabling the kinect mic array that allowed the video stream to continue uninterrupted. After re-enabling I uninstalled the kinect device; re-installed. This worked for me. Once I enabled the mic, it worked like a champ. Thank you. The content you requested has been removed. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Asked by:. Archived Forums. Kinect for Windows v2 SDK. Sign in to vote. It disconnects and then reconnects every few seconds.

Wednesday, October 3, AM. I have the exact same issue, JUST started after having Windows 10 v installed from fresh install. Wednesday, October 3, PM. Same problem here after upgrade! Thursday, October 4, PM. Here this happens too, after updating to kinect goes on and off periodicaly that’s really annoying It happens when I simply connect the Kinect.

Hi everyone – I’m an engineer at Microsoft working on Kinect for Windows. Some additional information that might be useful if you’re encountering this: – This problem started occurring on Windows 10 and results in KinectService. When I have more information to share I’ll post it to this forum. Friday, October 5, AM. Friday, October 5, PM. Saturday, October 6, AM. Kinect Runtime non-Dev. But since you uninstalled Runtime Dev, then it also deletes the whole Kinect Service.

So you also have to uninstall Kinect Runtime and re-install it. However , Windows may decide to still automatically install Runtime Dev. It is strange, as I state in my thread, the app first appeared when you added the DriverFlighting key, but now it is automatic. Some additional information that may help, Funny enough, on slow insider ring, the latest preview right before this update had the drivers working.

Two preview versions back had the same service problem as the final release. May be something to look into and replicate with your internal Windows builds. Perhaps your team can pinpoint the differences if you can replicate the behavior I experienced. Intel k with Intel USB 3.

Saturday, October 6, PM. Whith build everything was ok. Edited by matteo Monday, October 8, PM. Monday, October 8, PM. How soon will this fix be available? Working on a project with Kinect and it is on hold because of this.

Tuesday, October 9, AM. Tuesday, October 9, PM. I am in the same boat! Not great as people rely on the device to make money!



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