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Creating an Image Map – Adobe Dreamweaver CC: Learn by Video [Video]


This article explains how to create an image map using Dreamweaver. Instructions apply to Adobe Dreamweaver version When you add a link tag to an image in Dreamweaverthe entire graphic becomes one adobe dreamweaver cc hotspot free to a single destination. Image maps, on the other hand, adobbe include multiple links mapped to specific coordinates on the graphic. For example, you could create an image map of the U.

It’s also possible to build image maps using only HTML. To make an image map using Dreamweaver:. Select Design view, add the image to the web page, then select it. In the Properties panel, go to the Map field and enter a name for the image map. Select one of the three hotspot drawing tools rectangle, circle, or polygonthen draw a shape to define the area for a link. The hotspot drawing tools don’t appear in Live view.

Design mode must be selected to create image maps. Alternatively, select the folder next to the Link field, then choose a file such as an image or web page you wish to link. In the Alt adobe dreamweaver cc hotspot free, enter alternative text for the link. To create another hotspot, select the pointer tool, then select one of the hotspot tools. Create as many hotspots as you want, then review the image map in a browser to make sure it works correctly.

Select each link to ensure it goes to the proper resource or web page. There are pros and cons to using image maps in modern web design. While these can make a web page more interactive, a major drawback is that image maps rely on specific coordinates to work.

Responsive web design requires images that scale based on the size of a dreawmeaver or device, so the links can end up in the wrong place adobe dreamweaver cc hotspot free the image changes size.

This is why image maps are rarely used on websites today. Image maps can take a long time to load. Too many image dreqmweaver on a single page can create a bottleneck that impacts site performance. Small details may be obscured in an image map, limiting their usefulness, especially for users with visual impairments. Image maps can be helpful when you want to put together a quick demo. For example, if по этому адресу mock up a design for an app, use image maps to create hotspots to смотрите подробнее interactivity with adobe dreamweaver cc hotspot free.

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Dreamweaved can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settingswhich can also be found in the footer of the site. Share Flipboard Email. By Jennifer Kyrnin Jennifer Kyrnin. Learn about our Editorial Adove. Major drawback: responsive web design requires scalable images so hotsopt can end up in the wrong place.

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How to Create a Rollover Image in Dreamweaver. What is a Printer-Friendly Adobe dreamweaver cc hotspot free Page?



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