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Adobe photoshop elements 10 catalog location free download

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On Windows 10, Photoshop Elements stores the catalog (by default) in C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs. Learn how to use the Photoshop Elements Catalog Manager, including how to work with catalogs and the catalog backup options.


Adobe photoshop elements 10 catalog location free download


On this page About catalogs Create a catalog Locating the catalog file Open a catalog Moving or modifying media files Use convert a catalog of a previous version Rename a catalog Delete a catalog Optimize catalog size. Applies to: Elements Organizer. Learn how to create, move, modify, convert, rename, and edit catalogs in Adobe Elements Organizer. About catalogs. The catalog file contains the following information:. The path and name of the media file.

The path and filename of any associated audio file. The path and filename of the original, unedited file if the file has been edited.

The name of any camera or scanner associated with the batch of imported media files. Keyword tags that have been applied to the media file. Albums in which the media file is included. Edits that have been applied to the media file such as rotation, cropping, and fixing red eye. The pixel dimensions of any photos and video files. Create a catalog. Catalog Manager Windows OS. To select a custom location, choose Custom Location , and click Browse. Browse to the location on your computer for the catalog file.

Click New. Click OK. Locating the catalog file. Open a catalog. Select the catalog from the list in the Catalog Manager dialog box. Click Open. Moving or modifying media files. Use the following suggestions to move or modify files associated with a catalog.

Moving files. Move the files in your catalog with the Move command. Select media files in the Media view. Click Browse and select a new location for the media files. Renaming files. Do one of the following: If you have selected one media file, enter the new name for the media file and click OK. If you have selected multiple media files, enter a common base name for the media files and click OK.

For example, if you have selected five photos and the common base name is Birthday, the photos are renamed as Birthday-1, Birthday-2, Birthday-3, and so on. Deleting files. Editing files.

Select from the following available options: Use a Supplementary Editing Application : Select this option to choose any other application for editing. Show options for both Editors : Select this option to choose Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements as editing application. Use convert a catalog of a previous version. Click Convert. Select the catalog from the list that is displayed. Click Done. Notes for users upgrading their catalogs to Photoshop Elements.

Rename a catalog. In the Catalog Manager dialog box, select the name of a catalog from the list. Click Rename. Type the new name, and click OK. Delete a catalog. In the Catalog Manager dialog box, select the catalog that you want to remove. Click Remove and then click Yes. Optimize catalog size. In the Catalog Manager, select the catalog you want to optimize. Click Optimize. When I try to use the same media for the any subsequent projects I cannot find the catalog it’s in.

If I try to transfer it again, i get message that it was not transferred because it’s already in the catalog – make sense. Is there a trick to find it? I almost ready to junk this whole thing, so frustrating. Never had this problem with Premier Pro CC I don’t think it’s me. Like Comment Follow. Agreed, I had same problem. I deleted Organizer whihc was 2.

Assumed at that size it must hold the CAt. But I keep getting notice to reinstall update. I called service and they said this version requires Organizer. I’m looking for another program! Okay, if the Organizer is part of the suite let’s call it that: can it at least work? Is there a way to re-install it?

How did you delete it? What do you mean when you say you can’t find the catalog? By default, the PSE uses the given catalog until you choose another one I’ve only ever used one. I know, this question might sound stupid, but it just feels like a button to open the catalog is missing from the screen.

I can’t find a way to access the catalog When I get home I will take a screenshot to show what I mean. And thank you for the link, I just glanced at it but will read it after i get off work tonight. When you open Photoshop Elements you should see three big buttons labelled something like Organizer, Photograph Editor and, optionally, Premiere Elements? If you select Organizer that should open the application that displays the cataloged information to you.

From there you can edit photographs, movies, etc.



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