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Battlefield bad company 2 free download pc multiplayer

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Overall sound was top notch as was the music when it came on. As in the single-player game, teamwork is vital, and the games are open and intense, with excellently designed arenas which will keep you returning for more.

Battlefield bad company 2 free download pc multiplayer

I found my automatic rifle and my sniper rifle to be the best two to carry. This option enables the player to take up one task in which four players can help gain points and capture the place.


Battlefield bad company 2 free download pc multiplayer


More specifically, the game involves not a food fight but an entirely fictional conflict between the USA and Russia. Taking place on the western coast of the Americas, the action – both single-player and multiplayer – will play out all the way from Alaska down to Chile, which obviously offers something of a mixed bag in terms of environments, covering familiar arid areas as well as jungle, alpine, foothills, and barren snowscapes.

As for that multiplayer, it will feature a massive 32 players, as opposed the console version’s paltry two dozen, “Frostbite is a leading technology,” says Van Dyke “It’s not for the faint of heart. For PC we’re able to squeeze more juice out of it and get it up to Also it’s a version that’s being developed specifically for the PC. The core guts of the game and the idea is there but everything is being re-tweaked and everything is being balanced specifically for the PC.

Included in the four multiplayer modes is the classic Conquest a staple of the Battlefield series since its inception, and an objective-based affair called Rush, which has its roots in Battlefield 2. As Van Dyke says, “There’s been a lot of trials and tribulations in making this right, and we nailed it with this, bringing multiplayer into an open environment sandbox.

Due to logistics we’re in the dairy again we couldn’t manage a full player affair but did have the chance to dabble with a five-vs-five multiplayer match, finding it a moderately engaging experience. With a steadier pace than Modem Warfare 2, some definite strategy was required, even if that meant jumping in the nearest Humvee and driving at the enemy until they inevitably slaughtered you.

And with the level set in a dusty decimated town, it looked almost exactly like a scene from HBO series Generation Kill. With the emphasis on vehicular warfare, as well as the obligatory Humvee you’ll be able to take the controls of helicopters, tanks and jeeps as you throw yourself into a massive virtual war.

Furthermore, each player will be able to utilise some 15, character specialisations, ensuring that everybody on the battlefield is different. The Battlefield series may have been usurped by the Modern Warfare behemoth in recent years, but those Swedes at DICE know how to throw together a decent multiplayer war.

Battlefields coming home. It’s difficult to imagine the kind of banter that went on in the trenches, or whether soldiers inside a Roman tortoise shell trumped and giggled. They probably talked about women, unburdened by modern political correctness. Perhaps they fantasised about a future in which unmanned mechanical drones would patrol the skies, bomb the enemy, and flash disabling strobes at tourists taking photos. Personally, I’m willing to bet they sang, “We hope it’s chips, it’s chips”.

The single-player element of Bad Company 2 has a couple of outstanding features, but my personal favourite is this banter. Hang around, and a conversation might start up about what superpower everyone would choose: flying or breathing underwater? It might not sound like a groundbreaking comedy moment, but it’s cleverly and warmly written, in a way that makes every character seem likeable. Even the gruff sergeant, who starts off telling you to pipe down, eventually comes around, reassuring people that their pun, which went ignored, was actually funny.

These guys might not be the most decorated soldiers around, but they’re better company than the barking professionals of Modern Warfare, or the standard butch grunts we’re used to.

This is a tightrope of dialogue that’s expertly walked. Never falling into the trap of easy, wearying macho bullshit, Bad Company 2 credits the player with a good level of intelligence. Wisely, it also never topples into Stoner whimsy, although you do get the feeling that the scriptwriters have seen more than one episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The script and acting makes the whole war experience rather pleasurable. Bad Company 2’s other outstanding element is a remnant from Bad Company, but it’s worth mentioning because no other game does it to this degree: virtually everything can be destroyed.

We’ve been taught, by the likes of Mass Effect 2 and Gears of War , that cover is sacrosanct. Pillars might get chipped, but only a boss creature can destroy them. Oh, and don’t hide behind anything flagged as a “Fragile Crate”. But the rule remains: in cover, you’re safe, so you just wait until they’re reloading to pop your head out and return fire.

Bad Company 2 doesn’t have a cover mode, relying on crouching and old-fashioned line of sight -but even more terrifyingly, anything you hide behind can get blown up. Not just wooden fences and other classic soft cover: stone walls and mounds of sandbags get ripped up by RPGs, houses have their supporting walls blown away by shells from a tank. In the level when you’re manning a helicopter’s minigun, you spend half the time demolishing the buildings with bullets, just because you’ve learned that you can.

As far as realism is concerned, it’s great: watching a house get reduced to a brick skeleton is satisfying or terrifying, depending on whether you’re using it as cover or not. But, combined with the particle effects and uncompromising first-person perspective, it can also be disorientating. It doesn’t take much to kill you, and many of those deaths will be suffered while lurching for new cover through a fog of rubble.

On the other hand, it doesn’t take much to lose aeatns win De 3 for new rubble, kill the enemies either. The feel of the assault rifle is a surprisingly pleasing balance between mild inaccuracy and real power. Bad Company 2s single-player game will be compared to Modern Warfare 2. To their credit, you sometimes get the feeling they’re taking a swipe. It lacks the self-conscious highs of that controversial and noisy blockbuster, but it lacks the punishing lows of terrible levels like Wolverines!.

You always feel like you’re doing something for a reason, and not running around from one Burger King to another just because that’s what someone’s shouting in your ear. In short, Bad Company 2 is always good.

Some of the action scenes like the car chase through snow to reach a crashed satellite get the blood pumping as much as they get your head tilting. The steady action is marred only by the ease with which you can die, coupled by frequently ungenerous checkpoints. Once your cover has been blown, the negotiation through the particle effects to find new cover usually means that you’ll die before you get there.

The system may have been designed to make you constantly move from one area to the next to prevent you replaying long scenes, however it simply encourages you to seek out a bit of robust cover and pop out to snipe. It takes discipline and a measure of willing selfpunishment to play Bad Company 2 as it was intended. Other than that, there are all the basic elements we’re used to and expect: a forest level, a snow level, a sniping level, a level where you get told to pick up an RPG and take down a helicopter, and the empowering levels where you man the gun on a truck, a boat, and a helicopter.

And of course, there’s a scene where you have to shoot a man without hitting his hostage – a scene in which, mysteriously, your sniper rifle disappears. And infact Bad Company 2 PC game also features a beautiful online multiplayer game , where players can play five Bad Company playable game modes. You can also free download Battlefield 4 Full Version Here. And in a nutshell i would conclude that Battlefield Bad Company 2 Free download is an authentic and unique game.

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