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Backups are created to be compatible between different editions of Acronis True Image within the same version Home, Enterprisee. This edition also brings back the “Try and Decide” option which lets users perform potentially risky actions such as the installation of un-trusted software 0217 the option of returning to the system function before the action if any problems acrnis. If acronis true image 2016 vs 2017 free download have any further questions, please contact Encyclopedia Editorial Office. Q: Will you provide technical support for this update?


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I seem to remember that when I once uninstalled TI , there was an option to keep my settings. Do I take it that for upgrading to , this would be a bad idea? I have taken a backup of the program data folder containing the scripts. The one downside to keeping your old backup tasks is simply that the settings in these tasks are those that were offered by the old product version, whereas creating new backup tasks with ATIH will most likely use some different configuration options.

Go ahead with keeping your old backup tasks and see how these run in the new version, but remember that you have the option to review the configuration settings should you need to do so, or to create a whole new task to do the same backup actions. Will give it a go, Steve, having done a pre-install backup, of course! Will try to remember to report back after the missus’ 70th celebrations. Neil, hope the 70th celebrations go well for the missus and all the family.

I am tempted to make sure that my wife and I are in some distant warm place when my 70th rolls around in just under 2 years! Finally, I’m able to get back on this. The uninstallation of TI and new installation of went well enough. However, On my desktop, the only previous backups it found initially were the reserved copies on my external drive which showed up as “Others”.

At some point the list under “This computer” filled out and I successfully did a restore of one backup to a newly created partition. Opening old backups in explorer seems to work ok as does extracting files. The recovery CD doesn’t seem to have changed very much. Attempting to repeat the process today on my laptop resulted in all the local backups appearing under “This computer” with nothing under “Other” although the external drive was connected and known to file explorer.

However, when I attempted to rename one of the local backups, all the local backups jumped to the “Other” list and the external ones showed up. If I were to continue with this, it will be a long and tedious job recreating new local backups. Back on the desktop when creating images, my impression is that there is no performance benefit with TI The progress bar gives an impression nothing is happening then after an age, suddenly jumps two-thirds of the way.

I miss the ability to selectively delete backup versions; using the startup recovery manager as an alternative to booting a CD provided this facility but resulted iin having to press F11 on startup every time. Disabling the facility upset my EFI so that after rebooting the machine, I had to use sytem restore to regain a stable sytem and manually reconfigure the BIOS.

I also discovered today that I could no longer use certain characters in backup names. In line with other comments I’ve read, I find it amazing that really useful features have been omitted for no apparent reason and that this version is even less intuitive than the occasionally quirky On balance my inclination is to reinstall the old version that reliably does what I want it to do with ease and I regret that I wasn’t quick enough to check out the new in time to get my money back.

Just one comment from me regarding the differences between ATIH and , and that simply is that you are likely to encounter issues with on Windows 10 if you go with the latest Creators Update due to changes that Microsoft have introduced in this latest upgrade. Acronis have provided updated builds for both and to have these versions work smoothly with the Creators Update, but there will be no further updates for any older product versions such as , or earlier.

Not sure about the issue with renaming any of your local backup tasks. The task name is used for the stem name of the backup image files that you create, so if you rename the task after this has been run one or more times, then the subsequent backup files will be created with the new task name stem, which could cause some confusion when looking at the. TIB files on your backup drive. Powered by CleverBridge e-mail: cs cleverbridge. Michigan Ave. Like this review? Share it with your friends! Acronis True Image vs Comparison Review.

Acronis True Image vs version comparison review. Check new features of True Image The Interface of the new Acronis True Image , has been modernized, though the core functionality of the software remains the same, but there are new tools you can use in backing up your PC, these include; The specific disks and partitions tool, and tools for backing up individual files and folders.

With the specific disks and partition tools, you can backup files that belong to specific disks or partitions, with a single click-Backing up in this way will send the files to their respective disks and partitions without any mix up.

You do not need to request an upgrade license, simply download the latest build; the product will be updated by installing the new build.

If your current version of Acronis True Image is Acronis True Image or Acronis True Image , the new version will simply update it; there is no need to remove the old version and reinstall the software. If your current version is older, we recommend that you remove the current version, first.

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